Monday, October 5, 2009

Sawasdee Ka....

Wow..... I haven't update my blog for long days....
Many ideas but it was evaporated so fast... as fast as it came to my head

So now I’d landed in Thailand…. Near the border, should I say?
New place to live…. New company to work with… New rules… New language (Jess!)
Have I told you before that Thai people usually cannot speak English? And Thai language is quite hard to be learnt? (Well, obviously all languages are hard to be learnt at my current age now… ha)

Before I came here, mostly people said that this place is dangerous, because it’s located in a rural area… no such mall (if you’re a Jakarta’s resident, you may think same like me, we cannot survive without malls – with the countless malls in our city…).. No fast food (hello KFC, McD see you!)…
I even cannot found any store that sells a damn flash disc…. I left mine at my sista in law’s room in Jakarta…. Shit!

Alright, so I will tell you the story of my little adventure (haha)….

So first, I had booked my own tickets from Jakarta to Bangkok by online. Because I have to arrived in Bangkok before 3 PM, local time, and obviously no airline provide a direct flight from Jakarta to Bangkok at that required time (except than SQ, and the ticket is killing my wallet… too expensive and big possible company will not cover it because of that)… so I had to book 2 flights by Air Asia..

1. Jakarta – KL …. Morning
2. KL – BKK … Afternoon, arrived at 2:45pm local time…

It’s so generous that Air Asia provides a low fare for baggage upgrade…. So I’d upgraded my baggage until 30 kg… the maximum one.
Since I’m a bad packer and also this is my first flight to Thai to live there for months… who would blame me for that?
So at the end both ticket prices + big luggage’s upgrades only costs me half price than SQ’s offer for direct flight.

Now just waiting for the reimbursement…

Luckily I didn’t fly alone, other co-workers from M88, my previous company, came along with me also. All guys…. (Phew…. At least somebody can help me to manage that superb heavy luggage…) so they also took care of me during the trip… until I meet my own guy here … hehe
It’s a bit problem when we arrived at Thai….
Not all people here can speak English…. The fact is most of them cannot speak English….
So it’s a good thing I travel with other people in the same language….
The first day arrival was so exhausting….

Thank God it was a history now….

Now I enjoying my daily life here…. Although I just meet my husband occasionally… not that we live separately here… but our working time doesn’t meet …. And the working time is quite long… I just saw him in the lunch time *not everyday* and also when I wake up in the morning….
The food is not bad….. There are Thai food, Chinese food, and also Indonesian food….
Hard to find American and European food here…

This is what I can tell so far, since me just living here for a few days so far (not even 1 week)….

Ah ya…. One thing I experienced in here….
There are a lot of beggars in this place…. Once I went out from my company’s building complex to have a supper with my colleagues… We had a supper in one place near my apartment. We took a walk to reach the place. During the walk, I saw so many beggars, and most of them are kids, with a terrible look. Some of them were seeking for something to eat from the mounting garbage… I cannot tell how bad I feel at that moment…. But my friends said to me that we cannot give them money, it’s dangerous…. If we gave one of them, their friends will come in a group asking the same thing, and will not go until we gave them too…. L
We were then had a supper in the small and dirty small resto beside the street…. It was the worst place I had my meal in my life as I can recall…. But I have no problem with that…. I just share my experience with all of you… the readers… :)

So my conclusion is there is a (too) big gap between the foreigners and the local people there…

I think I will keep writing to share my thought about my new experiences here…. J, if I have time, of course…
I hardly sleep for more than 6 hours recently ….
It’s not enough for me… I usually need 8 hours minimum to wake up freshly in the next morning …. I think I will miss those 8 hours sleeping time for quite a long while…

But that’s ok…. That is what so-called life… we need some challenges and new adventures to deal with…
Life isn’t easy, but that is the point to live your life… why we need to live if life is so easy, right? The point is enjoy your life, no matter how hard it is… you will always find a way to enjoy it, because life is full of choices…. (like me, although I love the job-desk...I leave my previous job, because I found the efforts and the rewards are far enough from what so-called 'equilibrium'... I realized that I still have other choices to choose :D)

You will see that all those efforts will come with all its rewards at the end… Cheers!

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