Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello... my makeup!

Now we talk about makeup.... Recently I love nude and natural look.. for my daily makeup...

So my daily routine is .... From skin care to ready to go...

1. Clean (I use either Lush Angel on Bare Skin/Aqua Marina *while the stock last... dunno where to find it anymore, hello Greenbelt Phils!* or TheSkinFood random cleanser I picked up from the counter, just so I have a spare cleanser to mix and match)

2. Tone (I use either Lush Tea Tree/Eau The Roma *while the stock last... same case with the cleanser* or one from TheBodyShop Seaweed series)

3. Eye care (I use TheBodyShop eye gel, from Whitening series, since I have a dark circle)

4. Moisturize (I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion)

5. Sunblock (I use Clinique Super City Block SPF40, hope that's enough)

-Let it soak into my skin, normally 30-60 seconds is enough.... I usually got a tight schedule, lol-

6. Foundation time (I owns tons of foundation, I normally use the powder ones for daily or my MAC Face and Body foundation.... it's like tinted moisturizer... even sheerer than that)

7. I let my dark circle just like that for daily look... sometimes I feels that I like the way it's defines my eyes.... stupid yeah...

8. Brows.... (I use the pressed powder one, from Kate-Kanebo... loves it... I can't leave my house without my eyebrows done.... any makeup I can pass but not this tiny thing)

9. Eyeshadow... (I use any colors from my brown eyeshadows palette, sometimes bronzey colors also can do, just to define my lid, since my eyes are flat, just swipe it effortlessly with MAC 217 brush *since it's brownie colors*, and I got my eyes done.. nothing too much)

10. Blush...(Sometimes I pass this step... I use any kind of colors that my hand picked)

11. Set (I use MakeUpForEver HD Powder, loves it .... a little goes a long way)

And I'm done! (normally takes about 15-20 minutes)

Then for on the go makeup, nude and natural look is also nice.. the trick is (well, if you can say it as a trick... lol).... do a shading on your cheek bone.... and defines your eyes more... I currently loves the 'ombre' colors for my eyes.... It's fab! And don't forget to add a touch of mascara for your lashes.... (I highly recommend Majolica Lash Expander Mascara, it's true black... dry in seconds.. no stain left... no clump... and cheap)

Well.... that's all I can share for my daily skin care and make up routine.... nothing too much as I said...

I keep my other makeup (colorful eyeshadows and pigments.... colorful lipsticks and lipglosses, thank God, mostly all still new...) for a while...

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