Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lil facts about Me, my Parents, my Sister, and my Brother...

  1. My mom and dad had a relationship about 3 years before they'd decided to get married.
  2. My mom is a few months older than my Dad... but they were born in the same year... 1960.. I'm not familiar with Chinese calendar.... but they've share the same Chinese zodiac... 
  3. I'm obviously the eldest child in this lil family...
  4. When I was in my Mom's womb, my Dad was dying to have a daughter but my Mom wanted a son. The fact.... here I am.
  5. The reason why my Dad wanted a daughter at that time was because he wants his unborn daughter later on her 1st birthday can make a coffee for him everyday.. *haha..... I'd made him disappointed obviously* 
  6. My Dad had Emeline and Tiffany as my name.... But if you know my name, you'll know who was the winner of this 'baby's name battle'
  7. I used to scared with my Mom since I can't recall. Because she'd always pushing me to study hard during my kindergarten and elementary years. Until I found myself got a strong immune against it.
  8. That's why I got a brilliant achievement for my academic study from kindergarten until 1st year in my Junior High School.... Well, compared to the next years *these next years are a shame* ....
  9. My Mom always did anything for us.. although in most of times, we didn't understand.
  10. My Dad is a hard worker. I owe him anything in this world can't buy... 
  11. My Sister got a bunch of nicknames... More than me and my Brother.
  12. Most of the time, I felt like she's the eldest child in this lil family.
  13. I'd once throw a big rock to a pauper kid because he teased my Sister. It was landed on his forehead. Everyones there looked so hysteric and panic, and I was so scared after that. Hahaha...
  14. We had a love hate relationship during our childhood. She was the beater, and I always lose when we had a physical fight. 
  15. But we now like a best friend. 
  16. My Brother is a golden boy of my Mom.
  17. I only understand a little about him so far to be honest.
  18. But I love him not lesser than my Sister.
  19. I knew he also feels the same about me and my Sister.
  20. Once in a long while, we always had a good conversation nobody can understand.
To be continue.... 

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