Sunday, July 26, 2009

My face brushes....

I honestly heart all my makeup brushes....

But there are several brushes that I can't leave without.... Because they're simply make my makeup time shorter and applies my makeup product impressively

Here they are...

1. Buffing brush from Make Up Show.... IDR 130k
I think this one is quite close enough with MAC 109, one of the most expensive MAC brushes.
This brush is from China, I think, because I purchased it from the seller who send it from Shanghai *Thanks Jule-Jen:)*...
The description from Jule, is... "Suitable for cream blush such as BBPR", but I use it for almost all cheek's makeup..... shading and blush (powder).... This can apply product precisely just whatever you wish applied on your cheek.... For shading as well, since I don't have angled brush for shading *such as MAC 168 type*
I'm planning to purchase the new one for cream blush. Because is so trouble to use 1 brush for both cream and powder products..... *well, since I usually wash my brushes rarely.... wkwkwkwkw-lazy doh!*

2. Flat Top brush from Everyday Minerals. approximately IDR 110-150 or more, depens on the custom purchase seller.
This brush only can be purchased by their official online shop website. The brand is from USA. Known as one of the famous mineral makeup brands, EM also sale their own brushes. I've own 3 of their brushes so far. 1 Still brand new, just arrived in my mom's house.... 2 with me here, including this HG brush.
This brush is all about mineral foundation*the powder ones*! I use it mostly for mineral foundation. This brush distribute the powder into my face flawlessly... The bristles are so soft and consistent. Love it!
Of course this one can use for other face product *powder concealer, unpigmented blush, etc*...
I love this brush much better than my old kabuki brush, the one I'd previously used for mineral foundation *I used to love this kabuki brush for loose mineral foundie thou*.
Planning to buy one more someday just in case this product is discontinued in the future!

3. My Old mini Pink Kabuki brush from Kemeiru (discontinued).. was only IDR 50k
I got it from Make Up Show's seller as mentioned in brush number 1's description.
Although the bristles are not as soft as EM Flat Top brush*just because EM Flat Top brush is incredibly soft*, I still love this thing. I used to use it for mineral powder foundation. But now I use it to blend the powder/foundation on my face....
Good to blend the harsh line too, like often appeared after shading my cheek or overdone blush. This brush will retire soon I think, because the appearance looks so awfully worn by me *as you can see from the picture above*.... hehe... I love this brush so much that I'm now trying not to abuse it while wash it, so the brush can 'live' longer.... :)

That's all I can think from all my brushes.

I still use other brushes sometimes. Below are some brushes I use too but not significantly can't live without... hehehe...

1. MAC 190 US$32
This is supposed to be a classic brush to apply liquid foundation. I purchased this one because I simply don't want to use my fingers to apply liquid foundation. And also because I just curious with this tool.
I still don't know how to use this brush alone to apply liquid foundation. I always ended up with streaky finnish look even cakey sometimes with this brush alone.
So daripada mubazir.... I now use this to apply liquid foundation all over my face just like that, and then pat it thoroughly with sponge. I found later out that a good sponge can make our face looks flawless (and airbrushed), if we use it in the correct way.
Recently I don't use liquid foundation so often *I even leave it in my room in Jakarta!*, because I need more natural look for daily use. My mineral powder foundation does it! *if I have time, which is so rare, so I ended up with loose powder everyday.... hahaha*

2. Big Fan brush from Make Up Show... IDR 80k
Simple to put blush for soft look, or powder for finnishing touch, and also for fall out eyeshadow/pigments all ove my face after I got my eyes donn... This brush is versatile and big enough to do it all.

3. Stippling brush from Make Up Show... dupe for the infamous MAC 187... was purchased around IDR 145k if I'm not wrong.... now the price is at IDR 180k....
There are many MAC 187 dupes out there. I even own 2 from 2 different brands, and this is one of it.... And also the best :) Even I still not yet try to use this one, but I can tell it because of the bristles. Compare with the older one *same type, different brand* that I previously already have, this one can be prefectly use for stippling the liquid foundation for sure.

Bla bla bla.... I still have more face brushes......

4. Pink Stippling brush from Coastal Scents, which I use for blush products now.

5. Mini Kabuki from Ecotools, which I use for blush also, since I have many many blushes...

6. Blush brush from Ecotools also.... still want me to mention what is that for?

7. The big Face and Body brush from The Body Shop. The very first face brush I've bought. Now I use it for loose powder, MAC MSFN and also body shimmer, occasionally..

8. Mini Angled brush from Make Up Show.... This one is from it's travelling package. Rarely use, because I simply don't know what's for. Too small for cheek shading purpose, and too big for nose... Well I guess someday I will know how to use this one and for what I can use this for... Haha...

9. Long Handled Kabuki from Everyday Minerals.... This is supposed to be a great kabuki brush, according to the review from And from another forum's reviewers. I guess I just unlucky for this. Because I got the shed one! I think it's already shed more than 100-200 bristles since I purchased it.... Very very kecewa......

10. Blush Blender brush from Prestige. ... This one has nothing special, I use it just for very pigmented blush, or for finnishing touch, since this brush is very soft, so it's suitable for light handed swiping need.

I think that's all for my face brushes..... I already gave 1 of my blush brushes to my sister.... :

Think to purchase more? Of course!!

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