Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Eye and Lips Brushes

I'd posted my face brushes earlier. Now is the time for my small brushes....

Here they are.... The babies!

1. Smudge brush from Make Up Show. IDR 90k?
No more re-stock from the seller.
I love this brush to applying eyeshadow on lower lash line. Or to smudge the eyeliner that applied on my lower lash line as well. Pick up color so well, dense and stiff enough to do these purposes. I think this one is sintetic hair. Love it!

2. Angled eye brush from Anna Sui. Purchased it in 2008 for IDR 120k.
Love this brush! I used to use it to applying gel eyeliner *you can see the picture, the brush so dirty, should be white goat hair!* I can make thin-thick line using this, no beat so far for me *because I don't want to buy MAC since this one can do it well .... :D*. I think this is similiar to MAC 266 or MAC 208.

3. Angled eye brush from Make Up Show. Purchased for IDR 200k with another 4 brushes in 1 travelling set :D
I cannot use it for gel eyeliner, so I use it to applying my eyebrow set to my eyebrow, and this can do the job well. I love it. So soft but also stiff enough. And pick up the color just right.

4. MAC 217 Blending brush. US$ 22.50
This is my first eyeshadow brush. And I love it so much, I can use it for all. Applying and blending. This is so Holy Grail brush for me. But now since I need a shorter time to do my makeup, I have several other brushes to help this accomplish the job quicker, since sometimes I need to use several colors in one time, and don't have time to clean it... Hehe..... Lagian gw juga banci brush gitu....

5. MAC 226 Small Tapered Blending Brush. US$ 24.50
This is my life saver .... when I overdo applied eyeshadow on my lid. Since I don't have 222 nor 224 yet, I use this one to blend the color on my upper lid, or for crease. This can do the jobs well, because the hair is sintetik and soft. So not like 217, this one more to blend the color to fade it. I use it with my skin color's eyeshadow, to blend the eyeshadow color at my upper lid.. So far I got satisfied with this brush. Love it!

6&7 Eye Shader brush from Make Up Show. Dupe for MAC 239. Purchased IDR 80k
I'm very pleased with this brush, till I bought one more for stock. Very similiar with MAC 239. No doubt. The hair must be natural, because I feel it same with my MAC 217. I use this to applying eyeshadow only. Temptalia said she can use it for blending, but I can't. I rather use MAC 217 or MAC 226 for blending purpose. Pick up the color and also distribute it nicely. Love it!

Those are my primary eye brushes.... Here are the rest of it. I still use another brushes, though....

8. Eyeshadow brush from Ecotools. In one package with another 3 brushes. Purchased at IDR 150k? Will depend on the seller, because only can do custom purchase, since this thing only sale in USA though.
I use it so far to applying and blending powder concealer around my eyes and also on the side of my nose. Too big for eyeshadow, since my eyelids are not that big. even it's so, I think this one can still useful for blending the eyeshadow. The bigger and rounder version from my MAC 226?

9. Concealer brush from Ecotools. In one package with number 7 brush.
Never use it so far, since I rarely use liquid concealer. If I use it, I pat it with sponge only, to avoid crackiness and streakiness.

10. Angled eye brush from Make Up Show. IDR 80k
I use it to shading my nose, which I rarely do. Never use it for eye makeup so far. Maybe later I will find a way to make it more useful ... hehe...

11. Small Shader brush from Make Up Show. Dupe MAC 242. IDR 90k
I use it to applying pigment. Usually spray water (mixing medium from MAC or eyedrop?) to this brush before apply the pigment, because I hate to use dry pigment, it will fall out around my face .... oh no!

12. Small Shader brush from Make Up Show. Small version of brush number 10. In small travelling package with another brushes, bought IDR 200k.
I use it to applying paint pot or fluidline to eyelids. Any cream based eyeshadow.

13. Bent Eyeliner brush from Coastal Scent. IDR 50k
Just bought it to apply gel eyeliner. Never use it so far. Hehe...

14. Eyeshadow brush from Make Up Show. In small travelling package with another brushes, bought IDR 200k.
Use it very seldom... hohohoh...

15. Lips Brush from Too Faced.
Got it with the lipglosses palette. Love it because of the cap... Hehe, so I can bring it everywhere in my purse

16. Lip brush from Make Up Show. In small travelling package with another brushes, bought IDR 200k.

17. Lip Brush from The Face Shop.
Never use it for lipstick nor lipgloss. I used to use it for lower lash line eyeshadow application. But recently never use it again. Still on my brushes box though. I think I will find a way to use it back.... :D

18. Eye Kabuki brush from Everyday Minerals. Bought at IDR 115. Thanks Brooklyn ;)
Still in my mom's house, that's why not in the picture.

That's all. There are some more brushes I will buy again... Still eyeing those brushes!

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