Sunday, August 16, 2009

Harnn and Thann

Plaza Arcadia Senayan, 1st Floor, Unit x114-115, Jl New Delhi No 9, Gelora Bung Karno Senayan, Jakarta 10270. Tel 5790 1056

Tried this spa on my last visit to Jakarta, in a mid of July ago. It was because of my best friend's persuasion to be honest... hehehe... Since I was searching for a nice spa, and she was curious with this place ever since her vacation in Thailand few months ago.

The both of us arranged a whole day for girl’s day out, including spa, and dinner time.

The place is dominated with purple color, which is common color for Thai restaurants...*well, as my concern of Thai restaurants * hihi..
My first impression when arrived at this place was good. The price is considered high, but this place is located in Plaza Senayan Arcadia, which made the price list looks 'matter of fact'... hehehe...

After 5 minutes learning the menu, and asking this and that to the greeter, we'd then decided to take same service called 'Old Time Favorite' *as I can recall*...
The service explanation says.... full body massage with bla bla bla... *I forgot :(*

The greeter asked us to sit down at the bench in the living room, and we got served with a cup of ginger tea.
Then we headed to our room. Shared room with 2 massage beds, 1 bathtub *which we hadn't use for this service*, 1 washbasin equipped with toiletries and 1 bathroom with separated toilet.

The service room is painted with dark purple color. It makes the room look dark indeed. I can remember the smell was kinda jasmine-ey?

Before we started the massage, they're asked us for which oil we’d like to use for the massage. We both choose the same oil... lavender oil? I think so...

The massage was just like a 'normal' full body massage. Nothing special, for IDR 475,000, 1.5 hours massage. Mehh, I got almost the same kind of massage in here, Ph, from the home massage service, for a merely 250-300 Pesos *estimatedly IDR 80,000-90,000*, only here the place is in my own condo, and the price is for 1 hour message.
Actually, overall the massage is quite nice but just not that special
The special thing *if you can call it so* is after you've got the massage service, you could take a bath in their nice bathroom.... with Harnn's bath products.

After finished all, they will serve you with either plain water with 1 piece of biscuit or hot tea with 1 piece of biscuit too.

Would try another service here, but maybe not so soon... :D

They’re also selling Harnn's body products...

That's all.

Place: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Product: 8/10
Value: 6/10
Overall: 8/10

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