Sunday, August 16, 2009

Feels enough with what so-called 'Clubbing'

I never judge anyone who likes to go to clubbing. I used to enjoy it also… Hmmm, about years ago.. ?
I don’t know, just my recent visits to Clubs, did not makes me happy anymore. I hate the crazy smoke there, I don’t like the over loud music there, I don’t like to see prostitute what so ever there, I hate to pay the table (hahaha) and drinks (which I don’t like to drink) there.
I just feel ENOUGH.
So for some of my friends who ask me to go to that kind of places (Clubs, whatever it’s called), I’m sorry, I just not interested.
I could be come again to Club in the future, if there is an event, like family’s hangout, or birthday? But just not for weekend-I-don’t-know-where-else-to-go…
Some said because I’m married now.
NO, it’s NOT because that reason. My husband and family is purely an open minded person. As long as I’m not become crazy in there. Hahaha….
It just happened that I do not enjoy that activity anymore.

Case closed..

My favorite activities now are dine out in such nice places and go to watch movies….
Which is remind me with my lovely husband again T____T
Miss him so damn much

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